Monday, September 14, 2009

My First Official Blog

This is my first official blog on Prophecy Central. True, I have written commentaries from time to time, but usually we just provide the raw information about prophecy and encourage people to draw their own conclusions. Relevant Scripture passages are given for about 100 prophecy sub-topics, and current news events are cited on a daily basis. For more than 12 years we have followed that simple format to help equip Bible students and teachers, and it has been very well received. The site has been listed near the top of search engine results (“prophecy” and “Bible prophecy”) for most of those years.

The decision to finally add this feature to the site was inspired by a stimulating “Christian Web Conference” I attended last week at Biola University. I realized more than ever that the opinions of individual Christians, published on the Internet, are a powerful force in the world today. I am grateful to Biola, my alma mater, for leading the way, not only in technology, but also in apologetics. I’m also blessed to have met a new friend at the conference, Dr. Michael G. Davis, who helps others, like myself plunge into the world of Blogging. He maintains a number of websites including and “Answers For The Faith”.

So, as often as time permits, I will give brief comments about the things that are happening in these “last days.”

Check back tomorrow for suggestions about why you might want to do a “Rapture Drill” this week.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the 1st to say congratulations on your blog! Prophecy Central has always been my # 1 source for news and prophecy related information. I look forward to your blog about the "Rapture Drill" tomorrow. I believe we are sooo close to our Lord's return these last days ending with Jesus return at the end of the Tribulation. God bless you and all you do to get the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to the world in these end times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron,

I hope you are well. I am a Biola grad (MA Apologetics 2008). I started a company to build websites for churches and a microsocial network for Christians. I did this to help connect and educate the church. I wonder if you might be interested having me publish your Blog on our site?


Prophecy Guy said...

Thanks, Dan!
Could you give me a call at church? 909-989-3119.

Michael Davis said...

Great start Ron!
Sure enjoyed meeting and talking to you at the conference. If there is anything I can help you with in anyway please let me know.